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The Yoga Room, Edinburgh.

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A beautiful boutique yoga studio based in the heart of Edinburgh.

Classes and workshops are taught at the Edinburgh Yoga Room throughout the week for all levels; from absolute beginner to advanced level.  You will find experienced teachers sharing their knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga,  Antenatal, Post natal yoga, Iyengar yoga, Vinyasa Flow, The Rocket Yoga and Kids programmes. This wide range of styles enables you to choose the practice that will suit and support your lifestyle.

The studio is known for creating a peaceful and inclusive environment. Class numbers are kept small to allow for more individual guidance to help you progress faster and or at your own pace, while keeping you safe on your mat.

The Edinburgh Yoga Room is run by Stacey Chavis, having been set up and founded by Rowena Warren who at the time was the only authorised Ashtanga teacher in Scotland.

HEATING:  The studio has been fit with a state of the art infrared heating system, providing therapeutic heat, which offers medical benefits along with your yoga practice.

The Edinburgh Yoga Room is now recognised as a centre for an assortment of yoga styles and also for mother and baby activities. Our main roots still lie in the Ashtanga movement.

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