Yoga for 50+

Starting from Tuesday 3rd January 12.30 -13.30

Yoga class without limits. Because 'once we accept our limits, we move beyond them'. Instagram Yoga might have gave you idea those pretzel poses are not your cuppa. Great news - this is real yoga. In real yoga we use loads of yoga toys so every pose is accessible for everyone - no limits, just your personal growth. Number of benefits yoga practice can give you is a list that can go on forever. Main one? When your body functions better you are going to feel better. Healthy bones, flexibility and strength, anxiety relief and it keeps the mind sharp. And that is just to top of the iceberg. What you need once you reach 50's and over? Acknowledge nothing is impossible in your all powerful mind and your day can't be anything else but beautiful when you start it (or lunch it) with some rejuvenating mind and body Yoga practice. 

If you still need convincing here are the goodies that come from regular Yoga practice:

  • provides elasticity to the spine
  • firms up the skin
  •  removes tension from the body
  • strengthens muscles
  • improves quality of muscle tone
  •  good posture
  • boosts immune system
  • relieves stress, anxiety, depression
  • increases energy levels
  •  eases many symptoms of pain and discomfort like arthritis, back pain, neck problems, high blood pressure, sciatica, asthma

Best way to be sure if this is something for you - come and try.


Yoga helped me to heal many injuries giving me insight and tools to help others through my teaching. It has helped me manage stress while I was working as a journalist and it is still helping me to deal with quirks of motherhood. I have finished RYT 200 and started my Yoga teaching path eight years ago. In that time I have been teaching different styles like Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga, Restorative and Yoga Nidra. What I find fascinating still is that each and every time I step on the mat or enter a class I know I will learn something new. In Yoga there is always somewhere to go with your practice even on a bad day. There is always a way to evolve.

My quantum leap in Yoga was building up a practice after low back and pelvic injury. From hypermobile Yogini who can do any pose from Yogic books I was down-leveled to three poses I could do without pain. Practice as I once knew it didn't exist anymore. My flexible body was over flexible causing me constant pain. There was a short period of time when all the therapists were telling me Yoga is not good for my condition. Why I didn't give up?  The practice, even when down-leveled as it was in that time was bringing me so much benefits mentally my heart was telling me I must not ignore that. It was a long journey but it formed a safe strengthening practice that is evolving in every class I do. My practice is Forrest and Yin Yoga inspired. These are both therapeutic styles i have been trained to teach and as such can be tailored for every practitioner beginner as well as advanced student. I could talk for hours why they are so beneficial but I've always found personal experience to be the best guidance.

Booking Contact:

drop-in : £10 ; Concession/local employees/students drop-in  £8
block of 5 classes: £40 / Concession/local employees/students £30