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Vinyasa Workshops with Clara Roberts-Oss

The Power of Breath

Saturday 17th June 10:00 - 12:00 (Full)
It is said we have 72,000 energy lines running through our bodies, known as nadis. Many of the poses/asanas and pranayamas/breathwork were created to stimulate these energy lines. Through stimulation the Prana moves more smoothly through our bodies helping to remove stagnation and dis-ease creating a healthier body and mind that is more aware of itself.

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika states that the easiest way to manipulate Prana (energy, life force) in the body is through kumbaka (breath retention). Breathing techniques were created to cleanse, clear and ground the practitioner.  Many of these techniques are now being used in pain management, stress relief and helping insomnia. Yogis understood the effects that breath manipulation (pranayama) had not only on the body but also the mind.

We will go over different techniques that can help activate, energize, focus and ground you on and off the mat. Techniques will include Viloma, Kumbaka, Bhramari, Nadis Shodhana, Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, and a few others. 
(2 hour workshop)


Phoenix Rising

Saturday 19th June 14:00 - 16:00 (Full)

Rising from the ashes, you spread your wings to fly
Reaching now for those final dreams, belief will never die
Beautiful and so glorious, the eternal bird of fire
Soaring up into the sun, leaving behind the pyre
Dreams are now your destiny; reach with all your might
You’re a powerful inferno, ablaze and in full flight
Yesterday is over and today has just begun...
- Dean Fraser Phillips

The phoenix symbolizes the potential that arises from the dissolution of who we think we are into the power of we truly are. Arm balances have been that for so many. Let go of your story you have created for yourself and open to your eyes to your deep potential.

Spread your wings and fly in this arm balancing workshop, focusing on Galavasna/Flying Pigeon, Tittibhasana/Firefly, and Dragonfly. Learn to connect deeper with your hands, the foundation of all arm balances so that you may soar with more confidence. 

We will stoke the fire within and open the hips to prepare. Come ready to rise for today is a new day! Intermediate students please. 


Unlocking Our Potential

Sunday 18th June 10:00 - 12:00 (Full)

Ganesha, the elephant deity, is the Lord of New Beginnings, the patron saint of travelers and is most popularly known for removing obstacles in our path so that we may clearly see the way. He is also known for placing obstacles that we are in need of seeing in our path. He is associated with the root chakra, that is at the base of our spines. The root is known as the gateway to awakening. When we are able to release the muscles in the pelvis, it allows the energy and our awareness to move up our spines (shashumna) towards higher consciousness. 

Many of our 'obstacles' rest in the hips and pelvic region. This deep hip opening class will focus on releasing hip flexers, quads and gluts so that you may move more freely in your life and to be able to sit in meditation more comfortably. Open to all levels.


The Art of Sequencing

How to create holistic sequences that are both challenging and therapeutic. 

Sunday 18th June 14:00 - 16:00 (Full)

Based on Shiva Rea’s Wave Theory, this workshop will go over how to create classes based on “peak poses” as well as classes based on Bhav (feeling, mood). There will be a two hour practice and then discussion. We will go over vinyasa krama (steps) for more intermediate/advanced poses to offer in open level classes. For teachers and open to students looking to create a home practice. 

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