Below are my 5 strong convictions when teaching this beautiful practice at the Edinburgh Yoga Room: 

Block of classes: The Yoga Room offers blocks of classes, to encourage you to attend class on a regular basis.  This commitment is essential when practicing yoga, to build strength and understanding of the practice.  ‘Drop in’ classes do not provide the same consistency, limiting one’s progress and putting one more at risk of injury.  Regular attendance also provides an opportunity for myself to get to know you and taylor the practice to meet your specific needs. *Note: If due to sickness or other circumstances classes are missed, you can make them up within a term

Beginners Courses:  At the Yoga Room our approach with beginners is to start at the very beginning.  We focus initially on the breath, and slowly build the class week by week.  It’s crucial to build a solid foundation to keep each practitioner safe on the mat avoiding injury.  There are gyms and yoga centres who offer ‘open classes’ for beginners to advanced students.  This can be a dangerous way to teach as people can be injured attempting to keep up with more advanced practitioners, as well as struggling with postures that they are not quite ready for.

Small classes:  At the Yoga Room we keep our classes small, in order to be able to give everyone equal attention and to make sure all students are safely getting in and out of postures correctly.  One of my favourite aspects of teaching is getting to know the needs of each student, enabling me to be able to adjust each individual and provide modifications to allow the student to either access or go deeper into each posture.  This extra time with students provides a more personable class, allowing time to ask questions, and develop and deeper connection with the teacher.

Relax!:  I love to have a laugh and I maintain a good sense of humour when teaching.  It’s so important to not take the learning and the practice of yoga too seriously, enjoy the journey!  We can be so hard on ourselves.  I frequently remind students that the most import part of the practice is the breath.  The yoga is here to support us.  If we can maintain this sense of lightness of heart, and easy does it attitude on the mat, we are more likely to progress more safely and have a long and enjoyable yoga practice that lasts a lifetime!  This is my hope for you!

Community:  What I love about the Yoga Room is the friendly nature of the students. Individuals welcome each other to class, and encourage and support new students.  There is a real sense of support and a kindness that runs through all classes.  People feel included, even with little or no chat.