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Tripsichore Sun Salutes & Beyond – A 4 Workshop Course

Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March 2018

Times 10:00 - 12:30
& 13:30 - 16:00


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Learn the innovative Tripsichore Sun Salutes while discovering the specifics of breathing used to move into and through the challenging and unusual sequences of postures that Tripsichore uses in its daily practice. 
In this series of workshops, Edward expertly guides participants on a continued journey through innovative Sun Salutes - the glory of Tripsichore's technique - and into a deep energetic exploration on the way to advanced asana practice.  Tripsichore contends that developing the competency and mastery used to create spectacular asanas is brought about by clarifying the energetic intention of the practitioner. Underlying the dramatic quality of inspiring asana is the exploration of the way energy flows through the body to make forms, shapes, and, ultimately, meaning. 

These Sun Salutes are an excellent template for how the body and mind are moved by the breath.  Given the enormous range of yoga postures, most styles of yoga are quite timid in their exploration of the possibilities that can be included.  Tripsichore’s Sun Salutes are challenging, yet conform to orthodox yoga practice.  The Sun Salutations consist of some extraordinary variations.  (e.g. how to float in a jump back or jump forward…how to change a Crow into a Headstand or even a Handstand…how to incorporate spinal twists in a vinyasa)

The remainder of the class focuses on challenging asanas and variations of what is called the Giris Sequence.  There is an emphasis on breaking down Tripsichore's technical approach to breathing, backbends and inverted work.   The technique used in our Yoga practise focuses on the importance of uniting the mind and the body through the use of breath.  The Yogic quality of movement between postures is what allows for the asanas to be used choreographically while maintaining the clarity of mental focus. Our linking of unusual postures in innovative, but our methods are respectful of orthodox traditions.  In these workshops, we will explain our techniques used to achieve some of the “spectacular” postures, which we believe to be the same approach as for some of the apparently “simple” postures.


These sun salutes consist of a variety of progressively more complex postures and transitions that are moved through by the use of the Ujjayi breath.  The premise is that one seeks, through the breath, to keep the energetic coherence of the spine by leaving its lengthened shape unaltered throughout and, in so doing, endeavouring to preserve an energetic connection between the base of the spine and the top of the skull.  In effect, the spine is maintained as it would be in a seated meditation while the body is carried through a series of evenly metered movements initiated and synchronised with the breath.

The increased complexity and difficulty of these vinyasas is designed to challenge the practitioner.  The rationale for advanced vinyasas or postures is that for some people (not all!) they are fun to do and that they move the practitioner into areas where they confront that with which they may not be comfortable.  This movement out of “comfort zone” is a way to help determine the extent of one’s potential.

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