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Children's Yoga & Mindfulness

Children Yoga and Mindfulness, at the Yoga Room
For ages 4 -6  14:00 - 14:30
For ages 7 - 10 14:45 -15:30

September 15th - October 6th
October 27th - December 8th

(*Please email if you'd like your child to attend and is not within this age range, but close)

The benefits of Children’s Yoga.
Yoga teaches children to have fun and be creative with their bodies
while be reminding them that exercise is a good and important
activity for them. Yoga reduces stress and tension in the mind and
body and through themed yoga classes stimulates the children’s
imaginations. The teachings of yoga philosophy and positive
affirmations through the classes help social and emotional
development and help to build esteem. Children’s concentration and
attention help improve through relaxation and breathing exercises.
Through these classes the children will have a safe place to release
energy and have fun.

Booking Contact

Please contact Amy for details about prices.